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Under The Sea Coleus
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Under The Sea Coleus
Under The Sea Bone Fish
Coleus 'Under The Sea Bone Fish' (small; mounding)

Deeply dissected leaves of bright fuchsia with chartreuse margins. Delicate, feathery appearance.

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Under The Sea Electric Coral
Coleus 'Under The Sea Electric Coral' (medium; upright)

Hot crimson, deeply-lobed leaves have a striking chartreuse edge. Vibrant coloration lives up to the name!

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Under The Sea Gold Anemone
Coleus 'Under The Sea Gold Anemone' (medium; upright)

Green-gold leaves are surrounded by deeply-lobed "tentacles" that have a delicate purple edge.

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Under The Sea Hermit Crab
Coleus 'Under The Sea Hermit Crab' (medium; upright)

Frilly leaves of soft salmon-pink and fuchsia edged in dark green. Unique coloring for the coleus kingdom.

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Under The Sea King Crab
Coleus 'Under The Sea King Crab' (medium; upright)

Wide, red leaves with a golden-edged, claw-like fringe. Leaf center has a darker red flare. Vigorous grower - one of the largest of the collection. Beautiful!

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Under The Sea Langostino
Coleus 'Under The Sea Langostino' (medium; upright)

Vermilion, fish-shaped leaves have a wild, bright yellow fringe.

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Under The Sea Lime Shrimp
Coleus 'Under The Sea Lime Shrimp' (medium; upright)

Narrow, sea-green filagree leaves have a purple penciled edge.

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Under The Sea Lion Fish
Coleus 'Under The Sea Lion Fish' (medium; upright)

Flowing spines of purple with random flashes of magenta and a thin edge of chartreuse. Very delicate looking but a vigorous grower.

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Under The Sea Molten Coral
Coleus 'Under The Sea Molten Coral' (medium; upright)

Undulating leaves in glowing red and orange flecked with lime.

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Under The Sea Red Coral
Coleus 'Under The Sea Red Coral' (medium; mounding)

Petite, spoon-shaped leaves of red, fuchsia, orange and yellow.

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