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New Coleus for 2014
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New Coleus for 2014
Carm's Charm
Coleus 'Carm's Charm' (medium; upright)

Velvety, deep purple leaves are illuminated with flashes of yellow, red, pink, and bright green. Compact form.

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Coleus 'Fantastik' (medium; upright)

Deeply-lobed, red leaves with rose highlights and a lacy green edge. Sturdy and sun tolerant.

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Gnash Rambler
Coleus 'Gnash Rambler' (small; upright)

Small, petticoat leaves are deep red and purple with flashes of yellow and orange. Plants are compact and suitable for pots and hanging baskets. Sun tolerant.

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Coleus 'Marooned' (large; upright)

Burgundy leaves with scalloped edge. Grows into a large, full plant. Sturdy and sun tolerant.

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Coleus 'Serenade' (medium; upright)

Sunny yellow leaves are generously speckled with crimson. The scalloped edges are dappled with soft green.

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Splish Splash
Coleus 'Splish-Splash' (large; upright)

Rounded leaves are boldly splashed with bright red and yellow. Sturdy and sun tolerant.

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Sunglow Pink
Coleus 'Sunglow Pink' (small; mounding)

This saber-leaved coleus has deep pink centers with splashes of yellow and bordered by emerald green. Good basket coleus. Sun tolerant.

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Zesty Zucchini
Coleus 'Zesty Zucchini' (medium; upright)

Burnished gold leaves have green centers that are lightly brushed with red. Very unique and striking color blend.

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