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Trailing Coleus
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Trailing Coleus
Trailing Black
Coleus 'Trailing Black'(medium; trailing)

This velvety black selection is the third in the trio that includes Trailing Garnet Robe and Trailing Red. Perfect for planting in pots to provide a color echo for other black-leaved coleus.

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Trailing Burgundy
Coleus 'Trailing Burgundy' (medium: trailing)

Little round deep-burgundy leaves have a bold green edge. This trailing variety of coleus develops some of the longest branches we have seen.

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Trailing Chocolate
Coleus 'Trailing Chocolate' (medium: trailing)

Cute little round green leaves have a netted pattern and solid chocolate-brown heart.  Vigorous trailer.

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Trailing Dark Heart
Coleus 'Trailing Dark Heart' (medium; trailing)

This pretty trailing coleus has oval leaves with a dark purple heart with hints of magenta set off by a bright chartreuse edge. 

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Trailing Garnet Robe
Coleus 'Trailing Garnet Robe' (medium; trailing)

Heirloom coleus variety with velvety, deep purple leaves and a fine-toothed green edge.  Mixes well with all other coleus in combination plantings. Fabulous basket plant. Sun tolerant.

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Trailing Lava Rose
Coleus 'Trailing Lava Rose' (small; trailing)

Small rounded leaves are dark burgundy with rose blaze and a netted green edge.

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Trailing Plum Brocade
Coleus 'Trailing Plum Brocade' (medium; trailing)

Unique purple trailer with a luminescent band of plum color at the leaf edge.  Extremely popular choice for pots and hanging baskets. Likes good light but protect from strong sun.

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Trailing Psycholeus
Coleus 'Trailing Psycholeus' (medium; trailing)

Coloration is similar to that of 'Schizophrenia' except that this coleus trails vigorously over the side of the pot. No two leaves are alike! A Rosy Dawn Gardens introduction.

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Trailing Queen
Coleus 'Trailing Queen' (medium; trailing)

Deep purple trailing coleus with a lacy green border and a shock of hot pink in the center of the textured leaf. Heirloom variety. Sun tolerant.

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Trailing Red
Coleus 'Trailing Red' (medium; trailing)

Very similar to 'Trailing Garnet Robe' in habit and leaf shape, this coleus is a deep brick red with a thin chartreuse edge.

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Trailing Rose
Coleus 'Trailing Rose' (medium; trailing)

This lovely and popular trailer is burgundy with an intense violet-rose center and is surrounded with a thin, bright green edge. Sun tolerant.

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Trailing Salamander
Coleus 'Trailing Salamander' (medium; trailing)

Fabulous, high-contrast trailer that provides drama to any combination or is stunning on its own in a basket or pot.

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Trailing Strawberry
Coleus 'Trailing Strawberry' (medium; trailing)

Lacy green and purple leaf has a splash of strawberries and cream in the center. The edge is sofly scalloped. Vigorous and sun tolerant.

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